The drumming course is here!
"Extreme Double Kick Techniques"

Drumming course

What's included in the course?

Hey! My name is Krzysztof Klingbein and I would like to invite you to my course!

The techniques I will cover are: 

– full leg motion 

– ankle motion 

– swivel 

– heel toe 


Each technique is explained in great detail, their mechanics, practice routines and tips, optimal drum module settings. 

Everything is explained on both types of kick pedals (direct drive and chain). 

If you have problems with your feet and would like to develop them as quickly as possible, this course is for you! 

How to buy?

It’s easy! 

On the bottom of the website there is a link to my PayPal. If you click on it you have two options: Send or Request. 

Choose the „Send” icon. 

You have the option to pay for the course and additional info box. 

You type your email into the additional info box, I will send the course there. 

You received one-time link to download course within 12 hours of payment. 

Please don’t copy or redistribute this tutorial course. I put a lot of work into it for you.

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