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I will cheerfully teach you playing the drums, record a track or a few with you. On this page you will find the process of establishing cooperation, you will learn what equipment I play and who I am. 


I appreciate your interest in my drumming – Krzysztof Klingbein


Few words about me

Krzysztof Klingbein (born August 2, 1996 in Słupsk, Poland) is a drummer specializing in rock music, with particular emphasis on extreme varieties of metal containing blastbeats and double kick. He has recorded several dozen albums and did several live tours both domestically and abroad. 

He collaborated, among others with VADER, BATUSHKA, DEATHSPAWN.

Krzysztof started his drumming life as a 14-year-old when he acquired drumming basics through playing music video games. Soon after he decided to get behind an authentic drumset. 

Through intensive self-training and involvement on the local scene, he quickly reached the level that attracted the attention of people outside his circle of friends. 

Krzysztof continued as a self-taught and at the age of 21, he set up a YouTube channel that allowed him to present his skills globally, gain a lot of fans and some publicity. The channel’s success resulted in many offers of recording and concert cooperation. 


Currently, Krzysztof resides in his home studio in Słupsk, Poland, where he focuses on session recording / touring, recording covers / video tutorials and giving online lessons.


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"A New Temptation"



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